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Top 20 Cutest Elephant Pictures On The Web

Posted by Robert H on

Top 20 Cutest elephant pictures

Number 20

Baby Elephant having a bite to eat!

cutest baby elephant having a bit to eat while posing

Number 19

Energetic baby ready to play!

Number 18

Brothers and sisters messing around in the water!

baby elephants playing and swimming in water

Number 17

Two elephants bonding by wrapping trunks!

elephants bonding by holding trunks

Number 16

The elephant equivalent of holding hands!

baby elephants holding trunks. cutest baby elephant picture ever

Number 15

Elephant family protecting and bonding with child

herd of elephants celebrating baby elephant. bonding elephants

Number 14

Mother looking after child

mother elephant helping baby elephant walk

Number 13

Baby ginger elephant with a full head of hair!

baby ginger elephant with a full head of hair

Number 12

Mother and child. Beautiful

elephants in love holding trunk. Mother and baby elephant bonding

Number 11

Elephant herd playing around!

herd of cute baby elephants playing around

Number 10

The real life Dumbo!

the real life dumbo. baby elephant drying herself

Number 9

Whoever said elephants can't smile?

laughing elephants, lying on the grass. Very cute picture of elephants

Number 8

Close up of this cutie!

close up of a tired baby elephant. incredibly cute picture of an elephant going to sleep

Number 7

Dinner time!

baby elephant having some lunch

Number 6

Mother and child bonding time

mother and baby elephant bondingand holding trunks

Number 5

Not a care in the world!

baby elephant running across a field without a care in the world

Number 4

Herd on the move!

Number 3


cute baby elephant stretching

Number 2

It cant get better than this, a herd of laughing elephants. What else do you need in life!

 elephant laughing. beautiful elephant picture, lovely to view

Number 1

Adorable tired baby elephant! Hands down the most adorable elephant picture I have ever seen!

tired baby elephant

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