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10 Things Elephant Lovers Do!

Posted by Robert H on

Do You Think You're An Elephant Lover?

Lets be honest if you're reading this post you probably already love elephants. They are beautiful majestic animals, so whats not to love about them!

However do you love them enough to be able to legitimately call yourself an elephant lover?

Luckily we have comprised a list of what most elephant lovers do!

So here are 10 things elephant lovers do!
beautiful majestic elephant photo

Number 1

Follow At Least 10 Different Elephant Pages on Instagram

instagram, photo,icon

This is one of the most obvious ones. We are all guilty of liking too many elephant pictures on Instagram. Although its impossible not to when they are so many cute pictures out there! But are you actually following elephant pages? There are plenty of pages dedicated to elephants on Instagram! So can you really call yourself an elephant lover if you aren't following any?
Here are our favourite three regular posters!
And here is our own personal Instagram page!
baby elephants, cute elephants playing

Number 2

Head On To Social Media Just To Look At Elephant Pictures

This one fits in well with the one above! I know for a fact whenever I have a spare few minutes I will log into my Instagram to see if there has been any new cute elephant pictures uploaded! If you truly are an elephant lover then this is something that you will do without even thinking! 

cute baby elephant, young elephant walking, elephant pictures

Number 3

Own An Elephant Mug!

gorgeous elephant mug perfect for the office, elephant coffee cup, elephant gift, elephant present, elephant mug

You simply cannot say your an elephant lover if you do not have your own elephant mug! Elephant mugs are the perfect way to show everyone else that you are passionate about them!

Don't be like everyone else drinking out of regular boring cups. Stand out from the crowd and show off that an elephant lover with your own elephant mug!


Number 4

Own An Elephant Bracelet or Necklace

Now this one is primarily targeted to women

elephant bracelet, womens elephant bracelet, womens silver bracelet

Elephant jewellery is so fashionable right now. If you are an elephant lover you must already own or have owned elephant jewelry at some point! Its the perfect way to let everyone around you know that your serious about your love for elephants. This is a great way to promote elephants into modern culture too!

Number 5

Have Donated To An Elephant Charity

Have you ever donated to an elephant charity? If you have then we respect you! Donating to a charity is something only elephant lovers are willing to do! Are you willing to part with some of your cash to help save the elephants and to ensure that they are looked after?

If you do want to donate to an elephant charity we have a whole page dedicated to them. The link to this page can be found here!

If you donate any amount to a elephant charity, please email us at theelephantkingdom.helpdesk@gmail.com with proof and we will reward you with 25% off anything in our store! We support anyone who donates

elephant picture

Number 6

Have Watched The Film "Dumbo" Multiple Times

Dumbo was the first elephant I fell in love with! I have been watching the movie since I was very young and I have always loved how clumsy and cute he was! Since the first time I watched Dumbo I have been obsessed with elephants. If you can remember falling in love with elephants after watching dumbo then your definitely an elephant lover like me!

Number 7

Have Seen An Elephant In Real Life

Its all fine and dandy viewing elephant pictures and photos online but have you ever gone to see one in person? If you haven't, what are you even doing with your life! Seeing an elephant in real life is so much better than through a mobile! One of my first experiences seeing an elephant in person was on a safari! I instantly fell in love with them and I knew I just wanted to see more! I now enjoy staying at elephant safari lodges! The next elephant lodge I plan to visit will be the mason elephant lodge, It looks amazing!

elephant picture
Number 8

Have Owned An Elephant Phone Case

phone case, elephant phone case, iphone phone case

Owning a elephant phone case is an important part of being an elephant lover! You need to show off to everyone else that you do indeed love elephants and that you aren't afraid to show it!

Phone cases are so easy to get nowadays and there are so many to pick from there is literally no reason you shouldn't have a elephant phone case!

Number 9

Regularly Read Elephant Related Blogs Stories and Articles

Now this one is for those who have devoted themselves to elephants on the edge of obsession! Viewing cute pictures of elephants is just not enough, your wearing elephant jewellery, drinking out of an elephant mug and using a phone with an elephant case but you still need to fill that void! So you turn to reading about elephants too.
Every day you head onto Reddit to check if there are anymore stories that have been released, and to see what is going on in the elephant kingdom! If you don't have your daily read you get cranky and feel like your missing out! Well don't worry because your not alone. We are on that level of obsession too!
elephant picture
And Finally

Number 10

Have An Elephant Picture As Your Background On Your Phone! 

If you do not have an elephant picture on as your background, you need to do something about it right now! Only us elephant lovers will be able to tick this one off the list. There are so many beautiful elephant photos out there yet I very rarely see anyone with an elephant picture as their background! If you have managed to tick all of the ones above and you have this one ticked too then you are 100% a elephant lover... maybe even elephant obsessed to be honest!

However even if you are elephant obsessed we are happy to welcome you to The Elephant Kingdom. You are indefinitely one of us, and we happily welcome you into our group! If you want to know more about us click here to view our introduction blog!


Thank you for reading, how many did you get?
Think we missed any off the list! Make sure you add your own ideas in the comment section below!




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