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5 Elephant Charities Making BIG Differences

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Thanks to all the elephant charities across the world, elephants have a chance to avoid extinction!

We are far from the end of completely saving these animals as they are still under a daily threat from poaching and deforestation. However there are lots of different elephant charities doing all they can to prevent this from happening. Each charity has their own aims and will achieve their goals in a different way. 

We decided to give a shout out to our 5 personal favorite elephant charities that we believe are making the biggest impact, these charities do not get enough praise for the amazing job they are doing. 

*Disclaimer* This does not mean the other charities are making less of an impact, this is our personal opinion *Disclaimer*

Before donating to any charity make sure they match your own personal views

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Goals: Raising and Reintegrating Orphaned Elephants

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, founded in 1977 by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick has grown to become the most successful orphan elephant rescue charity. This organization has managed to save and reintegrate over 150 orphaned elephants back into the wild. 

Now if that fact isn't impressive enough, this same organization have also been building vital relationships with the locals around Kenya's national parks. These programs strive to improve general living conditions for these locals, as well as improving the level of education they are receiving.

SheldrickWildlifeTrust hope that this may encourage locals to one day become another member of the charity. This will keep the charity moving through generations, saving more and more elephants over the years.

The SheldrickWildlifeTrust accept donations too. This will help them to continue their amazing elephant rehabilitation work. If you would like to donate to them Click on the link below.

SheldrickWildlifeTrust - Donations

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Save The Elephants

Goals: Research Elephants and End The Ivory Trade

Save the Elephants was founded in 1993 by Iain Douglas-Hamilton. This organization has dedicated themselves to protecting elephants from extinction.Save The Elephants have been using GPS tracking to monitor elephants since the organization was founded. This allows them to keep track of where the elephants are located so that they are able to act quickly if one gets into trouble. This innovative idea has already saved hundreds of elephants, and it will continue to save them from poachers.

Alongside this, Save The Elephants are also planning ahead for the future. If elephants are going to survive extinction, we must all start thinking ahead. The population of humans is going to double in 2050. Save The Elephants realized this will mean a massive increase in farmlands to support this increase of humans. To keep elephants safe from humans they have implemented  a project which they call "Elephant and Bees". This project will "reduce damage from crop-raiding elephants using their instinctive avoidance of African honey bees". Beehive fences will be set up around farmland creating a natural deterrent for the elephants keeping both elephants and humans safe. This innovative project was only possible due to the research the charity has been able to do on the African elephants. However for their goals to be reached they will continue to need our support. If you do want to support Save The Elephants the donation link is below.

Save The Elephants - Donations

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WWF - World Wildlife Fund

Goals: End Poaching

WWF are actively reducing conflict between elephants and humans by using modern tools and methods to make sure elephants and humans are kept safe. A recent method which is proving to be very effective is called "flying squad" which drives elephants away from crops and back into the forests.

However this is just a job on the side compared to their main goals which are to prevent and end poaching all together. WWF's rangers are constantly on the front lines protecting elephants from poachers. Their guards are specially trained in monitoring elephants and anti poaching techniques to keep the elephants safe.

WWF also work with TRAFFIC which is the international wildlife trade monitoring network. They have teamed up to help reduce the demand of ivory and to prevent ivory trade altogether.

This charity is accomplishing so much, if you would like to help them to continue this great level of service you can donate to them using the link below

 World Wildlife Fund - Donations

If you would like to adopt an elephant from WWF you can use the link below.

WWF adopt-an-elephant

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Goals: To protect animals at the risk of extinction

TUSK is a conservation charity initially set up in the 80's in   response to the poaching crisis where over 100 thousand elephants were being slaughtered every year for their ivory. This charity is not solely about elephants, they aim their goals higher than just one species and have become an effective anti poaching charity saving thousands of African wildlife.

TUSK deal with many issues surrounding extinction including human-wildlife conflict poaching and habitat loss in Africa. They work with locals in Africa, by supporting their conservation pro grammes. TUSK are already planning for the next generation of humans by helping to create a more environmentally friendly future with people who are educated on the current extinction issues in Africa.

TUSK have seen significant progress over the past 20 years and have already provided protection for 40 threatened species within 20 million acres of land across Africa.
If you would like to help their conservation projects, we have posted a donation link below.

"With your generous support, Tusk can, and will, continue to have a positive impact in Africa" - Quote from TUSK's Website

TUSK Donations

beautiufl family of elephants travelling in a herd


Goals: Raise Awareness and Support Conservation Projects

The Elephant Family Charity is a small non profit organization set out to raise awareness of Asian elephants and to help rebuild their homes as well as the locals homes.

The elephant family fund lots of different projects to ensue that elephants are kept safe. A very successful project called "elephant corridors" has been put in place. There are now around 88 elephant corridors in Asia. These corridors allow elephants to safely move from habitat to habitat safely without fear of poachers or deforestation.

The elephant family also regularly update their website with monthly victories to constantly remind us of the fantastic work they are doing.

If you would like to help raise awareness for Asian elephants and help the elephant family charity to continue their amazing work in Asia please use the donation link below

Elephant-Family Donations

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Other Important Elephant Charities That Need More Recognition

Stop Ivory

Elephant For Africa

Mahouts Elephant Foundation

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